As with all our work, a strong commitment to the environment was carried throughout the design and construction of this project.  Every opportunity was taken to incorporate elements from the site into the architecture, such as a stone step for the bathtub and columns carved from trees killed by the fire. Radiant floor heating, recycled cellulose insulation and thermal mass are combined to create a very comfortable and energy efficient living space. 

Built before FSC certified sustainably harvested wood was available, recycled wood was used where possible. In addition, only smaller dimensional lumber and engineered wood beams were chosen in order to reduce demand for old growth trees.  The concrete form boards were reused as many as four times for successive concrete pours before being sanded and reused as the finished ceiling in the main living space.  Rainwater from the roof is collected in a cistern through a sculptural catch basin and reused for irrigation.  Native and drought resistant plants dominate the landscaping.

Construction by Wanaselja Construction
Photographs by Liz Rusby, Linda Svendsen, and Leger Wanaselja Architecture